MAJOR: Former Canuck Charged for Millions in Fraud

Published November 22, 2023 at 6:51 PM
A former Vancouver Canuck has been charged with fraud in a major case worth millions of dollars.

Former Canuck Facing Major Legal Trouble

Former Vancouver Canucks 5th round pick Prab Rai has reportedly been charged with large scale financial fraud. The investigation that is finally reaching stages of being charged began back in January of 2021.

«The Surrey FCU began an investigation into a fraud spanning from 2015 to 2021 after a victim came forward to police, alleging they had lost several million dollars in real estate investment opportunities,» Surrey RCMP said in a media release.

Rai has allegedly committed several million dollars in fraud in a real estate scheme.

Rai also faced allegations of defrauding a realtor of more than $2.8 million in a civil lawsuit according to an article written by Keith Fraser in the Vancouver Sun on August 29, 2022 . The realtor reportedly claimed that Rai positioned himself as a «successful and wealthy business person» with «important connections with prominent local and international business people and retired hockey players.»

The former hockey star is now awaiting his next trial date.

Rai's Hockey Career Thrown Off By Major Injury

Prab Rai was a 5th-round pick with a lot of potential when he was selected in 2008. In the years after his draft, Rai showed major improvement to the point where the Canucks signed him to an entry-level deal. Shortly after signing Rai would get in an unfortunate car accident that would severely screw up his career.

Rai would miss an entire season before returning in 2011 to play in the ECHL. After 2 seasons in the ECHL, he would be forced to miss another year. From there he had a couple of short stints back in the ECHL before ultimately retiring in 2015.

Rai is a cautionary tale of how a career in hockey that gets cut short unexpectedly can go on to derail a person's life.

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