Maple Leafs Set to Exploit NHL Loophole

Published November 17, 2023 at 12:45
The Toronto Maple Leafs might have just found their way to some cap flexibilty following a recent update.

Leafs to Capitalize on LTIR Cap Space to Save the Team

When Brad Treliving took the General Manager position in the summer, he only had a month to shape the roster to his liking. Treliving tends to like big physical defenseman, but settled on the offensive defenseman John Klingberg.

Klingberg's start to the season has left nightmares in the minds of many Leafs fans. He has been horrible for the Leafs this season and it was just revealed he might miss an extended period with an injury.


Klingberg claims his injury has plagued him for his whole career but has flared up now.

It's always been there throughout my career, but I've been able to deal with it.... It kind of hit a rock bottom here these last few weeks.

The possibility of Klingberg taking time to let this chronic issue heal, is a blessing for the Leafs as his $4.125 million cap hit can be put on the long term injury reserve.

The Leafs Optimizing LTIR Cap Space

The Leafs are not new to using the LTIR to throw their injured players there until they retire, as they have done it to three former players of theres.

Jake Muzzin, Matt Murray and Stephane Robidas are the three players who got hurt in Toronto and went to the LTIR until they retired. Many fans of the league are hating the Leafs for doing this to clear cap space.

The Leafs have been playing better since Klingberg left the lineup, which begs the reason of letting Klingberg rejoin the roster. However healthy scratching a $4 million defenseman is not a good look on the organization.

As Seen on Blade of Steel - Toronto Maple Leafs could be planning to use LTIR loophole to get out of another bad contract