Rumors of Blockbuster Trade Between Arizona and Philadelphia Confirmed

Published October 31, 2023 at 1:16 PM
This past summer during the NHL Draft there were a ton of rumors of trades at the top of the draft. No one seemed to know what prospects would go after Connor Bedard and this led to many teams trying to move up.

This ultimately almost came to fruition thanks to confirmation of a new rumor.

Flyers & Coyotes Push For A Blockbuster

In an interview on the Spittin' Chiclets Podcast Arizona Coyotes' top prospect and 2023 draft pick Logan Cooley dropped a bombshell. According to Cooley the Philadelphia Flyers were very interested in him and were looking to trade up to select him.


I had a lot of great meetings with Arizona. So I thought that if I would get down to 3 that I'd have a good chance of going there. But I met with the Flyers about 20 minutes before the draft and I think they were trying to trade up, so I didn't know exactly what was gonna happen.

Cooley would end up with the Arizona Coyotes and the Philadelphia Flyers would select Matvei Michkov. Now with the confirmation of this rumor, the two will be permanently linked in their careers.

Did Arizona Make The Right Decision?

With the selection of Logan Cooley over Matvei Michkov the two will now likely be compared for a long time.


Logan Cooley to begin his season has 6 points all of which are assists in 8 total games. He originally was supposed to return to the University of Minnesota but decided to sign with the Coyotes. Many people have been impressed with his start to his NHL career.


Matvei Michkov is playing in the KHL once again this year. After a small stint with his main club SKA St. Petersburg before being sent on loan to HK Sochi. Since arriving in Sochi Michkov has 14 points in 16 games. Both players look to be future superstars in the NHL.

While both of them are off to a successful start like many predicted one will separate themselves eventually. With Cooley being in the NHL immediately he has a head start but Michkov should be over in North America soon and then the race will be on.

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