Insider Confirms Major Rumour About Trevor Zegras

Published September 4, 2023 at 12:33
Trevor Zegras has become one of the flashiest and most exciting players in the entire NHL since arriving three years ago, and now, many consider him the face of the Anaheim Ducks organization.

A star on the rise


With his minutes and responsibilities rising a year ago, Zegras seemingly stepped up and took on the challenge, and after the team inked Troy Terry to a long-term extension, many expected Zegras to be next.


However, it doesn't appear as if the team is ready to make that deal happen, as they likely would have locked him in already, so now, rumours have begun swirling about the future of Zegras as a Duck.

Bridge deal incoming?

Now, on the latest edition of the 32 Thoughts Podcast, NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman has revealed just what the future holds with Anaheim and Zegras.

One of the things we're hearing is that's likely to be a bridge deal. It doesn't look like that's going to be a long-term deal. It sounds like Zegras and the Ducks—when it gets done—is going to be a bridge.

This is surprising, given how much attention and excitement Zegras has brought to the franchise, but it appears as of right now, the team are going to continue building before locking him into anything long-term, and while that's a risk, it may be one that pays off, only time will tell.

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