Kyle Dubas Under Review by NHLPA for Potential Conflict of Interest

Published May 25, 2023 at 2:15 PM
A bombshell report by Daily Faceoff on Kyle Dubas today. According to an article by Insider Frank Seravalli, it has been confirmed that Dubas, the former GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, is under review by the NHL Players' Association for a potential conflict of interest.


In recent negotiations with the Maple Leafs that lead to his departure, Dubas was represented by Chris Armstrong of Wasserman Sports. This is the same agency that represents Auston Matthews, although not the same agent. Armstrong mostly represents golfers. As he is not a certified NHL agent, he is not subject to discipline from the NHLPA. However, the union still has a decision to make.

"The question for the NHLPA to determine: Are agents working for the same agency, but in a different division or arm of the firm, also prohibited from representing hockey executives on the other side of the table?" - Frank Seravalli


One agent Seravalli spoke to, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the review should be a full blown investigation, adding this issue isn't a hard one to figure out.

"This is clearly prohibited under the regulations. It is an unwritten, understood and longstanding practice that your guy down the hall doesn't work for the other side. I'd like the NHLPA to launch an investigation and draw their own conclusion."

Seravalli also said several agents told him the NHLPA informed agents back in 2022 that this would now be strictly enforced. It's worth noting that Dubas was, at one time, an NHL certified agent and would have knowledge of the rules. It's not exactly clear whether Dubas could face discipline if the PA review determines he did something wrong.

Source: Daily Faceoff