Anaheim Ducks forward Cutter Gauthier
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Anaheim Ducks' Cutter Gauthier under fire for demeaning comments against women

Published July 10, 2024 at 7:14 PM

Despite being a near no-show in the NHL, Anaheim Ducks forward Cutter Gauthier found himself in hot water for his demeaning comments against women.

Despite being the fifth overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft, left winger Cutter Gauthier has yet to make any real impact in the NHL. After no appearances on the ice with the Philadelphia Flyers, he was traded to the Anaheim Ducks earlier this year for defenseman Jamie Drysdale and a pick in the second round of the 2025 draft.

"TRADE: We have acquired left wing Cutter Gauthier from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for defenseman Jamie Drysdale and a second-round selection in the 2025 NHL Draft."

However, even after moving to Anaheim, he had very little chance to make a name for himself, only playing one game this last season: the first NHL shift of his career. Yet, it seems he found a way to hit the headlines this offseason, but probably not in the way he had hoped. In a get-to-know-the-player interview for the Ducks, he answered a question about his Starbucks order, but not without making an inappropriate comment toward women.

"Oh, I'm a chick when it comes to that stuff. I'll go iced caramel macchiato."

Though this is a short, offhanded comment, it did not land as the joke he intended for all audiences. Upset hockey fans took to social media to express their distaste for this remark.

Though this comment was not suitable for an official press release, it seems clear that this was not an ill-intentioned remark. Ultimately, the onus of ensuring all interview material is appropriate lies almost entirely on the PR team for the Anaheim Ducks. Hopefully, all parties take this as a learning lesson in what should be said aloud, and what should left unspoken.
Anaheim Ducks' Cutter Gauthier under fire for demeaning comments against women

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