Nationwide Arena, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets.
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Columbus Blue Jackets facing $60 million in unexpected costs: trouble brewing

Published July 10, 2024 at 12:30

The Columbus Blue Jackets have struggled on the ice for a number of years now, and according to a report, the condition of their arena is just as bad.

Given the amount that some teams and cities pay to get new arenas for their NHL teams, it's no shock that they come with plenty of maintenance, but unfortunately for the Columbus Blue Jackets, they've fallen on hard times in the arena. According to a report from Jason Newland of The Hockey News, Nationwide Arena in Columbus is facing a massive $60 million upgrade to their arena, and if they can't get it done, it may result in the arena becoming unusable.

Roof - $9 million
Cooling Towers - $7.5 million
New Scoreboard - $8.5 million
Fire Alarm replacement - $2.5 million
Suite renovations - $1 million
Club Level renovations - $1.7 million
Concession stand overhaul - $1.5 million
Party Tower LED improvements - $675k

There's plenty of other issues beyond these, with some issues such as the fire alarm replacement and the roof being much more important than others, but all of these issues will need to be fixed urgently. Fortunately for the Blue Jackets, they aren't the only inhabitant of this arena, so the cost won't fall completely on them, but this is still a very expensive project that will need to be undertaken.

It's unclear when these renovations will begin, but if the team want to remain in Columbus in what many see as a very nice arena, this issues will have to be fixed before the arena becomes unusable, a situation that would be a nightmare for the NHL.

Source: Puck Reporter
NHL franchise in trouble as their arena requires over 60 million in repairs
Columbus Blue Jackets facing $60 million in unexpected costs: trouble brewing

Will the Columbus Blue Jackets get these issues dealt with before next season?

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