Montreal Canadiens prospect Dmitri Kostenko.
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Montreal Canadiens prospect humiliated by his own GM: his NHL career may be over

Published July 8, 2024 at 2:14 PM

General Manager's often talk about their players with high praise to build them up, but in the case of Canadiens prospect Dmitri Kostenko, that's not the case.

Russia is known to have some of the toughest hockey in the world, and that mindset stays the same from players to coaches and to GM's, who sometimes don't have the most flattering things to say about their players. Now, we've seen that happen again with former Montreal Canadiens third-round pick Dmitri Kostenko, as Sergei Gusev, his GM with Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk of the VHL had some scathing comments about him.

"He will never make it to the NHL.

"He doesn't want to learn, he just wants to do his own thing," said Gusev with disgust. "You tell him to pass the puck across the ice and he will give the puck to the opponent anyways."

His criticisms of Kostenko weren't limited to the ice either, as Gusev ranted about his antics off the ice as well.

"On top of it, if you don't put him on the power play he pouts," added Gusev. "He won't saying anything but you can see it in his body language, he drives me crazy, seriously.

"I told him the same things," said Gusev of his conversations with Bobrov. "Bobrov told me that from his end that he had been following this kid for two years and that nothing had changed. I wasn't surprised to hear that."

This is simply a brutal evaluation of a player that was once seen as full of potential, and even after posting a solid 20 points in 22 games with the team, it's unlikely he'll be back with them anytime soon. Now, Kostenko's future is up in the air, and if nothing changes, it's safe to say that no other team around will be excited about bringing him onboard.

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Canadiens draft pick Dmitri Kostenko destroyed by his own GM.
Montreal Canadiens prospect humiliated by his own GM: his NHL career may be over

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