Now former Calgary Flames goaltender Jacob Markstrom.
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Jacob Markstrom reportedly refused trade to Canadian team ahead of Devils move

Published June 20, 2024 at 8:22 PM

Jacob Markstrom was finally traded by the Calgary Flames this week, and now it appears he shockingly blocked a trade to a team with a very familiar GM.

After a nixed deal at the trade deadline, Jacob Markstrom is now a member of the New Jersey Devils, but perhaps it may have been different had he not had a full NMC. According to former goaltender Martin Biron, even if the Toronto Maple Leafs put together a great offer for Markstrom, the 34-year old was set on New Jersey, and was ready to shut down any offer of going to Toronto.

"I do feel that Markstrom had a major say in where he was going to go - that no-movement clause - but would he have been open to going to Toronto? I think if the Leafs were having conversations and potentially making an offer on Markstrom, that's because the answer would have been yeah, Markstrom was open to going to Toronto. But was he like 'okay, if i have to go Toronto then I'll go to Toronto but really I want New Jersey, so make it work with the Devils and then if you absolutely cannot make it work'.

I feel like Markstrom dictated where he wanted to go so the leafs could have had a better offer on the table, I think Markstrom really wanted to go to New Jersey. He wanted to go to New Jersey last year, he wanted to go to New Jersey this year, so he probably made that adamant, regardless of what the offer would have been from the Leafs or anybody else."

It's no surprise that Brad Treliving, the GM that signed Markstrom to Calgary would be interested, but after handing the goaltender a full NMC, he 100% had the choice of where to go, and ultimately before Toronto could even make an official offer, he made that choice clear. Perhaps a deal with the Maple Leafs would have gone down better for the Flames, but in the end they did very well on their deal, and now they look forward to life with Dustin Wolf, while Toronto are still searching for the No. 1 to carry them to the Stanley Cup.

Source: Maple Leafs Daily
Jacob Markstrom reportedly blocked a trade to Toronto
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Jacob Markstrom reportedly refused trade to Canadian team ahead of Devils move

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