Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner
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NHL Insider reveals Leafs GM Brad Treliving's thoughts on Mitch Marner

Published June 18, 2024 at 8:53 PM

As trade talks around the Toronto Maple Leafs forward heat up, NHL Insider Darren Drager revealed general manager Brad Treliving's thoughts on Mitch Marner.

Mitch Marner has undoubtedly been a major part of the Toronto Maple Leafs' game strategy throughout their regular season. However, after the team failed yet again to pass the first round of the playoffs, the 27-year-old Core 4 member has become a top name in trade talks. Among the teams he is expected to move to, the Las Vegas Golden Knights remain near the top of the list.

"The Knights have been rumored to be interested in the idea of a Mitch Marner trade with the Leafs. Shea Theodore and Logan Thompson are two names that have been mentioned by Elliotte Friedman as guys who could be part of a possible trade.

Could this be a spot where Marner waives his NMC? and would the Leafs become a better team post-trade with Vegas?"

Previously, Toronto's general manager Brad Treliving had shared that much of the onus of a trade remains in Mitch Marner's hand. Additionally, the team would only go that route if they could do it in a way they believe would improve their team.

"Mitch controls a lot of this whole thing (with the no-trade). If there's a way to make our team better, we're going to do it. But we're certainly not going to make a trade just so we can pound our chest and say, 'Look, we're different.'"

Only two weeks later, Treliving's thoughts on the player and his future team were made public. NHL Insider Darren Drager appeared on TSN's "First Up" podcast and shared that the general manager would prefer to extend Marner's contract than trade him.

"From the conversations I've had, Marner wants to play out his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs," he said. "He's got one year left. That doesn't mean he's going to leave after next season. Of course, there's a risk since he'd become a free agent, but Marner negotiated his deal, including the no-move clause, in good faith.

And are we sure Toronto doesn't want to extend Mitch? I think Treliving would rather extend than trade, but those discussions haven't started yet. It's still early days."

With both sides seemingly wanting to continue working with each other, in all likelihood, Mitch Marner will remain with the Maple Leafs for the remainder of his current contract. Whether or not he gets an extension, will likely depend on the team's cap space. Hopefully, Toronto will be able to shell out enough for the player, otherwise, he could be headed elsewhere the following season.

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Brad Treliving's true thoughts on Mitch Marner leaked
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NHL Insider reveals Leafs GM Brad Treliving's thoughts on Mitch Marner

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