Alex Ovechkin, captain of the Washington Capitals.
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Worries growing over Alex Ovechkin's health after shocking photo leaks

Published June 14, 2024 at 8:44 PM

Alex Ovechkin recently opened up on how he doesn't like summer training, and now a photo of him has emerged that shows worrying signs about his health.

The Washington Capitals managed to push for a playoff spot in 2024, but after being swept in round one, it's becoming clear that the window for a second Stanley Cup is quickly closing. With Alex Ovechkin leading the way, this team always has a chance however, as he continues to chase Wayne Gretzky and the record of most goals in NHL history.

Recently though, the long-time Capitals captain opened up on his off-season work ethic, having this to say about training over the summer;

«I hate preseason,» Ovechkin said. «I really hate it. I don't like to just train. This is the hardest thing. Imagine, you arrived after your vacation, you have a tan, everything is fine, you're happy. And your coach calls you and says, ‘Well, Sash? Tomorrow we begin training.' You go to training, then rest, then another training session. I hate it, I can't stand it.»

Now, a photo on social media has emerged, showing very worrying signs about the health of Ovechkin, as he doesn't look in the shape of an elite level NHL player.

Ovi out there having a big back summer oh my god 😂

Their season ended just over a month ago, so it makes sense if Ovechkin isn't in his best shape right now, but given what we expect from him on the ice, this has raised major concerns around the league. If he turns up in September before the 2024-25 season begins in great shape, no one will remember how he looked in June, but with his career slowly coming to an end, one must question how much work ethic the 38-year old still has.

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Worries growing over Alex Ovechkin's health after shocking photo leaks

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