PK Subban and Mark Messier, analysts for the Stanley Cup Finals.
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Mark Messier claps back at PK Subban for his comments on the Oilers

Published June 14, 2024 at 7:17 PM

Mark Messier has been on the panel for the Stanley Cup Finals, and as soon as his co-host PK Subban insulted his former team, he was quick to respond.

The 2024 Stanley Cup Finals haven't gone the way that the Edmonton Oilers would have liked thus far, as they now face an 0-3 deficit against the dominant Florida Panthers. With an Edmonton great in Mark Messier on the panel for ESPN, it was always going to bring interesting results, and those came on Thursday when fellow analyst PK Subban called out the Oilers blue line.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Mess is absolutely SEETHING at @PKSubban1 calling the Oilers' D soft

Given that he was a key part of the Wayne Gretzky era, it's no surprise that Messier is likely rooting for the Oilers, but given how poor they've been, Subban was well within his rights to call them out. In game three, Stuart Skinner allowed four goals on just 19 shots faced, and while part of that is on him, criticism has to be levied towards the defense as well, but Messier simply wasn't having it.

"And I had to check, but the Oilers don't have Scott Howson to blame for this mess. In other news, PK Subban's torching of Edmonton is entirely justified. Even Messier had to agree. Soft, soft, soft.

(And as a CBJ observer, I know soft when I see it.)"

The series isn't yet over, but unfortunately for Edmonton, they don't have a Messier and Gretzy to call on to pull them out of the fire, as they could face the first Stanley Cup Finals sweep since 1998 if they don't turn it around.

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Mark Messier gets angry as PK Subban puts down the Oilers
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Mark Messier claps back at PK Subban for his comments on the Oilers

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