Macklin Cellebrini at the NHL scouting combine
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NHL prospects come clean about weird questions at the combine

Published June 10, 2024 at 10:53

As the 2024 draft rapidly approaches, several NHL prospects have come forward about the strange questions they were asked at this year's scouting combine.

The NHL scouting combine is one of the most important places for young hockey prospects to show off their physical skills. This year's was no different, with several players, such as expected top draft pick Macklin Cellebrin, demonstrating their ability to handle the pressure the league would bring.

"And now here's Celebrini taking the even more infamous Wingate bike test, which is widely considered the most grueling test of the draft combine. #SJSharks"

However, some fans have just discovered the mental portion these NHL hopefuls face. Many have recently come forward about the unusual tasks they faced. Two such players, Leon Muggli and Jack Berglund confirmed the Colorad Avalanche had prospects play board games in their interviews.

"New weird draft combine story

The Colorado Avalanche had prospects play board games in their interviews

Confirmed by both Leon Muggli and Jack Berglund"

Several prospects have also shared the unusual questions they had to answer. Cole Huston revealed he had to pick an animal, to which he had a clever answer.

"I picked a narwhalbecause they're rare and one of a kind like me"

One of the strangest questions reportedly came from the new team in Utah, who asked prospects to share their Uber and Snapchat ratings. The player who revealed this question admitted he had a rating of 4.92, which necessitated a follow-up.

"It was Zayne Parekh who admitted this was a question. He said his Uber rating was 4.92. He was then asked why the 'lower score'. He laughed and said 'that's a great question.'"

Provided how often NHL players have to spend game intermission time giving brief interviews, followed by post-game press conferences, it is no surprise that teams would try throwing them off to see how they handle it. Yet, given the fact that many of these prospects will have considerable time before their first shift, we will have to see what interview skills stick.

Source - Hockey Feed
NHL prospects reveal bizarre questions from the combine.
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