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Fans furious with the Washington Capitals for purchase of CapFriendly

Published June 9, 2024 at 7:24 PM

After nearly a decade of operation, fans are furious over the Washington Capitals' decision to purchase and shut down the popular hockey website CapFriendly.

CapFriendly has become one of the most popular web pages for NHL fans across the board. The site fulfilled the necessary space about player salary and team cap space after its predecessor, CapGeek, was forced to cease operations in 2015 after the passing of its founder Matthew Wuest to colon cancer.

" has permanently ceased operations."

However, another contending website will have to step in sooner than later. According to respected Canadian sports journalist Elliotte Friedman, after nearly a decade of operation, CapFriendly's co-owner and director Dominik Zrim has sold the site to the Washington Capitals, with the deal going into effect in July.

"It won't happen until July, but according to multiple sources, the Washington Capitals have reached an agreement to purchase the outstanding CapFriendly website, @FriedgeHNIC reports."

To make matters worse, Friedman shared that the team fully intends to shut down the site. With its place in the NHL fandom, hockey fans are furious with the Washington Capitals and this motion away from transparency.

"'After the transaction officially closes, the website will go dark'

The Capitals buying CapFriendly is an absolute crime to NHL fans everywhere."

Despite the widely hated news, many users are hopeful that just as before, another one will quickly fill its place. It is clear that NHL followers still have a use for this service and are stopping at nothing to make a new version available as soon as possible, with many already pointing towards PuckPedia.

The CapFriendly website will remain available until at least July 5th when the sale is officially set to go into effect. With nearly a month to fill the sites void before the closing date, it may be sooner than later that the Washington Capitals regret their purchase decision.

Source - Hockey Patrol
Popular hockey website CapFriendly to shut down
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