Former NHL defenseman PK Subban and Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand
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PK Subban under fire for controversial comments on Brad Marchand

Published May 15, 2024 at 10:03

PK Subban has developed a reputation as being a questionable analyst for ESPN since he retired from the NHL. Yesterday he made some comments about Brad Marchand that had some fans up in arms.

Subban was part of a panel discussing the hit Florida Panthers forward Sam Bennett made on Bruins Captain Brad Marchand in game four of their second-round series. Bennett was caught sucker punching Marchand on the play that knocked him out of the game. When discussing the play, Subban said that Marchand deserved being punched in the face.

hey @PKSubban1 **** all the way off w that brad marchand take and kiss bennett's ass harder absolutely wild to go on tv and say that shit

While many hockey fans would probably relish at the opportunity to punch Marchand in the face, this is obviously not a good look for Subban. He is supposed to be a professional analyst but he refuses to take that level of responsibility, just saying whatever he feels in that given moment. Not to mention the fact that Marchand has been repeatedly punished for his dirty plays in his past. Is that not enough accountability?

Why does everyone forget the suspensions and fines, and Bennett got away with everything?! So according to Mr. Subban, NHL disciplinary actions mean nothing and players on the ice should discipline players?
The logic is so lame here

This is far from the first time Subban has crossed a line on live television either. Its not even the second time. Fans are starting to get tired of his shtick.

Say what you will but PK Subban is nothing if not consistently bitter and shitty

Be sure to tune into the NHL playoffs on ESPN to see Subban's next ridiculous comment for yourself. Who knows what he will say next?
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