Edmonton Oilers forward Evander Kane lined up for a faceoff during a road game.
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Evander Kane claps back at journalist Mark Spector for slandering him

Published April 28, 2024 at 9:29

With the Stanley Cup Playoffs in full things tensions are high in all the locker rooms across the playoff landscape. This was particularly true today in Edmonton where Evander Kane called out journalist Mark Spector for things he had written about Evander Kane.

Mark Spector has often been critical of Evander Kane and his purpose on the Edmonton Oilers. He believes that Evander Kane brings more distractions than he does production and has not been afraid to share that opinion.

As has been the case all of Kane's career, too much drama, boys. Too much drama around Evander Kane. Useless drama. I'll do what every player on every other team does. Yeah, maintenance day, I'm gonna try hard tomorrow. This is needless drama that you don't need starting playoffs, that you don't want in your dressing room. The guys we talk to about Evander Kane running his course - He doesn't run his course as a player, he runs his course as a bringer of drama.

Now of course Evander Kane has been dealing with allegations of bringing drama and distractions for a long time. For the most part he has ignored the noise and kept to himself about it. Today that all changed when Evander Kane addressed the media in Edmonton and decided to take a dig at Mark Spector after being asked a question by him.

Just the drama of it all it brings the best out of me

If you hadn't seen the previous comments from Mark Spector you might not have even noticed the shot that Evander Kane took. But with the context it shows Evander Kane standing his ground and showing he will not be bullied by the media talking about him being a distraction.

To this point the Edmonton Oilers find themselves up 2-1 in the series against the Los Angeles Kings. As the series continues the Oilers will need Evander Kane to be a key part of their offensive success to pull out a series victory.

The Oilers' Evander Kane slams Mark Spector for fabricating fake news
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