Matt Rempe hitting Trevor Van Riemsdyk
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Matt Rempe may face suspension for vicious hit on Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Published April 26, 2024 at 7:49 PM

Matt Rempe is one of the youngest enforcers in the league, but has already taken on big names such as Ryan Reaves. The young New York Ranger is no stranger to the penalty box, having spent more time in his rookie season inside the penalty box than on the ice at all.

Having elevated his game for the playoffs, including a goal in the New York Rangers' first game against the Washington Capitals for this series, it appears some of his old ways have crept in.

Mid way through the first period, Rempe threw a massive hit on Trevor Van Riemsdyk of the Washington Capitals, right into the boards. He was called for interference on the play, but the violent nature of the hit, and the possible impact with Van Riemsyk's head, may lead him to a meeting with the NHL's department of player safety.

Matt Rempe LEVELS Trevor Van Riemsdyk and gets called for interference 🫣

Lots of angles from the hit have emerged, and there are varying takes on its severity.

Do you think Rempe should be handed a suspension, or was this just a clean hit from a very big man?


Matt Rempe's victim, Trevor Van Riemsdyk, has been injured and will not return to tonight's game. This will be major ammo in a potential suspension case against Rempe.

Capitals say Trevor van Riemsdyk will not return with an upper-body injury -- already missing Nick Jensen and Rasmus Sandin

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