Photo of undefined object flying over Minnesota Wild game
Photo credit: Makrerzone

Fans spot UFO during Minnesota Wild game

Published April 9, 2024 at 12:24

Recently, the Minnesota Wild faced off against the Colorado Avalanche at the Xcel Energy Center. During the game, players noticed something odd flying through the arena. Is it possible that the unidentified flying object could have had extraterrestrial origins?

The object can be seen flying across the screen midway through the second period. Check out a replay of the moment, do you think it was a UFO, or something else?

Some fans believe it could have been a bird, or some sort of drone, this Twitter user shared that he was confident that it was a drone:

«Drone flying around the arena»

It could have been a drone, bird or bat, but some imaginative fans have other theories, including a possible rare UFO sighting. Who knows, maybe aliens enjoy watching pro hockey, the only question is who were they rooting for, are they Minnesota fans, or do they cheer for the Avalanche, who won the game 5-2. Is it possible that the Avalanche had help from visitors from another planet?

Source - hockeyfeed: UFO spotted in NHL game this evening
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