Photo of Auston Matthews, from the Toronto Maple Leafs, celebrating a goal
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Auston Matthews stuns with bold comments on Montreal Canadiens fans

Published April 7, 2024 at 12:43

During a post game interview, Auston Matthews made an interesting statement addressed towards the Montreal Canadiens fans and the crowd at the Bell Centre

The Leafs beat the Canadiens 4-2, but during the game, fans decided to boo Leafs star Auston Matthews. Many Leafs journalists and fans found the booing unacceptable. Some considered it a "lack of respect" towards a star player. A few fans were quite harsh towards the Montreal fans who booed Matthews.

In an interesting twist, Auston Matthews addressed the issue in a post game interview, stating that he did not mind the booing, and saw it as a sign of respect.

"Honestly, I kind of find it like a tone of respect, I guess, especially in a building like this and a big time hockey city and fan base. So, I don't mind (smile). I don't mind at all."

- Via journalist Mark Masters

This shows a serious contrast between Leafs fans who saw this as a sign of disrespect. Matthews understands that the booing is part of the game, and that it is an odd sign of respect. Like most professional athletes, Matthews understands that when fans boo him, it should not be considered a personal attack. The live spectators are an important part of the game, they bring excitement and energy, and sometimes that involves booing a star player.

Source - Habsfanatics: "Lack of class": Matthews shuts a journalist up
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