Mike Grier, General Manager of the San Jose Sharks, during a press conference.
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Mike Grier Publicly Flames Scout Igor Eronko After Firing Him

Published March 19, 2024 at 10:25

Mike Grier, GM of the San Jose Sharks, just publicly flamed his recently fired Scout Igor Eronko for how he failed to do his job while under employment with the club.

Mike Grier Flames Former Scout After Firing Him For Not Completing His Duties

It's not every day that an NHL scout is fired, and it is definitely a rarity to see it happen so publicly. That, unfortunately, was the case for the San Jose Sharks after they fired Igor Eronko from their scouting team. Here is what General Manager Mike Grier had to say about the firing.

«Igor didn't meet the standard. For whatever reason, he wasn't seeing games and wasn't doing what we were asking of them. So we felt it was best to part ways with him,» Grier told San Jose Hockey Now.

«We let him go, basically, because he wasn't fulfilling his duties.»

"We gave him several warnings about getting his reports in," Grier explained. "Cleaning up his lists. And seeing games. You can't scout or get a good feel of the players if you're not at the rinks. For whatever reason, he was given plenty of notice that he needed to improve in this area, and he didn't.»

Russian Scouts Can't Be Micromanaged Due to Political Constraints

Grier went on to say that there has to be a lot of trust placed in their Russian scouts since they can't go over and be hands-on with them. Ultimately, this was the downfall for Eronko, as he used this to slack off.

«It's disappointing. He was an assistant GM with Omsk there. We felt like he had a pretty good in with the league and knew some of the players and young players and had scouted some of them. So, we thought it was a good fit,» Grier said about the initial hire, announced last August. «But ultimately, the situation that Russia is in, when you can't really be over there and be hands-on and kind of follow people, they can kind of do what they want. He chose to do it half-heartedly. That's not what we're looking for.»

With the Sharks in desperate need of a prospect pipeline, this was a necessary move to make if they weren't getting the proper scouting that they needed.

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