Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL.
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BREAKING: Top NHL Insider Reveals When and Where the Next Two Expansion Franchises Will Be Announced

Published March 1, 2024 at 7:03 PM

The NHL has been circling the idea of expansion for some time, and now, we have confirmation on when we will see new teams in the NHL.

Salt Lake City and Atlanta, Welcome to the NHL

According to David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, Salt Lake City will become the NHL's 33rd team, followed shortly by the third iteration of Atlanta in the NHL, becoming team number 34.

It's been a bit quieter on the expansion chatter lately, because of the deadline, but it's sounding like there's continued progress towards Atlanta 3.0 and word of a proposed arena district seems to have Sept/Oct timeline. Utah 33. Atlanta 34.

The recent post from Pagnotta reveals that we will have word of a new arena district in Atlanta by September/October, and with the city of Salt Lake City set up for a new team, it appears certain now that we will have two new teams soon.

It's unclear yet when this will be announced, but the city of Atlanta isn't going to announce a new arena deal if not for the arrival of the NHL, and with the league believing there's enough talent for two new teams, they're ready to expand once more.
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