Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers and Mathieu Olivier of the Columbus Blue Jackets in a fight.
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Paul Bissonnette Shares His True Thoughts on Controversial Rangers Rookie Matt Rempe

Published February 29, 2024 at 10:17

Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers is taking the NHL by storm after a few massive fights, and now Paul Bissonnette has shared his thoughts on the rookie.

Paul Bissonnette Shares his Thoughts on Matt Rempe and his Fights

There is a bit of controversy online about Matt Rempe being so young and already having a few massive heavyweight fights under his belt. Many are worried about the rookie's potential for a head injury. However, others are just excited to see the young player make a name for himself and bring the toughness back into the sport.

Paul Bissonnette falls into the latter category, sharing his thoughts on the rookie in a recent podcast.

Matt Rempe has brought life back to the Heavyweight Title

Biz's point is salient. Rempe has been able to take a skillset that he has and used it to edge his way into the NHL. Its a difficult road, but now everyone knows his name, and if he can continue to develop his skills, he will be a valuable asset for a lot of teams.

Rempe Earning the Respect from Teammates and Fans In New York

The way Rempe has been able to step up during his time in the NHL has quickly made him not only a fan favourite in New York, but also a cherished teammate. Captain Jacob Trouba has spoken about the energy Rempe brings to the team, and how much it means to guys in the dressing room to see him do what he has done.

What's clear is Rempe has found a way to get a spot on an NHL roster, and it doesn't look like that is going anywhere anytime soon.
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