NHL commissioner Gary Bettman hosting a press conference in Winnipeg.
Photo credit: Sportsnet

BREAKING: Gary Bettman Investigating Canadian Team And Relocation Is Possible

Published February 22, 2024 at 6:41 PM

Today shocking news has been released by an NHL insider about a Canadian franchise. The developments in this situation could lead to the relocation of the team.

Bettman Investigating Canadian Team And Relocation Is Possible

Tonight a new report has come in from NHL insider Chris Johnston regarding the Winnipeg Jets. According to sources that Johnston has the Winnipeg Jets have encountered some serious issues. These issues stem from their massive drop in attendance in recent years.

Chris Johnston on Insider Trading says NHL is monitoring the situation in Winnipeg, they have seen an above 30% drop in the last 3 years in their ticket base. Gary Bettman will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday to meet with some of the team's important corporate sponsors.

The likely most frustrating part of the fall in attendance for the Jets is the fact that the team has been good the entire time. If the team were struggling and not drawing a crowd that is more understandable. But the Jets are a Stanley Cup contender and cannot fill the building.

Bettman's upcoming meeting with stakeholders in the Winnipeg Jets franchise will be a pivotal moment. If things cannot get back on track quickly relocation talks could begin.
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