Boston Bruins fans
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Female Fans Furious With the Boston Bruins Organization After Ridiculous Announcement

Published February 19, 2024 at 2:06 PM

The Boston Bruins made a controversial decision regarding their arena, TD Garden, today.

Boston Bruins Ban Bags From Their Arena, Sparking Outrage From Fans

It was announced today that the Boston Burins will be banning bags from their arena.

UPDATE: Effective Feb. 17, new @EvolvTechnology security screening will be implemented at TD Garden. To ensure a swifter entry process, we strongly discourage guests from bringing bags. Bags larger than 6» x4» x 1.5» will not be permitted.

Expectedly, this ridiculous rule sparked major reactions from angry fans, due to it limiting accessibility for women's care products.

This doesn't work for anyone who experiences a period but sure lol

For the love of God, get women in your/NHL's decision-making processes.

As a woman who needs certain products that the TD Garden doesn't supply for free, this is absolutely ridiculous. My phone is the size that yall want our new «bags» to be.

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