Carey Price Reveals His Thoughts on Potentially Being Traded

Published November 19, 2023 at 5:23 PM
Carey Price has recently opened up about his thoughts on if he were to be traded from Montreal, revealing his true feelings towards the Canadiens.

Price Reveals His Thoughts on If the Canadiens Wanted to Trade Him Away

Carey Price hasn't played a game for the Montreal Canadiens since 2022, and his NHL career has been determined to be over. While he hasn't formally retired, he has been open about how his injury will keep him from ever playing again.

Carey Price quote from a sit down interview on NHL-dot-com: «On a day-to-day level, I feel really good, like I should still be playing. But then I'll go do something and my knee will swell up and that will be a very good reminder that it's not (going to happen)"


Now, Price has revealed how he would feel if the Canadiens approached him with a potential trade. Price has a no-trade clause which he would have to waive in order to be moved.

"For sure, any way I can help now,» said Price as per when asked if he would waive his no-move clause. «I'm still a part of the team and if I can help in any way, I'm here.»

Clearly, Price still holds the Canadiens in high regard and wants nothing but the best for the team.

Price's Contract A Constraint for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens

This opens the door for GM Kent Hughes to try and dump Price's contract in hopes of getting some more cap space. While most of his contract is buried in LTIR, having it off the books will help Hughes build a better roster for the Canadiens' long-term success.

Never would have imagined that Carey Price's contract (LTIR) would factor in as a major contributor to the Habs future. Hughes also has 3 more years to actually trade his contract and bring back even more draft capital! The gift that keeps on giving! Go Kent Go

As seen on Hockey Feed - "Carey Price addresses the possibility of being traded."