Insider Suggests Massive Rule Change That Would Change the Entire NHL

Published November 17, 2023 at 3:42 PM
For years fans have been begging for a new way to end the game over a shootout and an NHL insider may have found a way.

BCHL To Pave The Way For Potential Rule Change

The current NHL overtime set up sees a five minute 3 on 3 segment then to a shootout.

For many fans jumping for the exciting fast paced 3 on 3 action to a shootout leaves them wanting more action. The change from 4 on 4 to 3 on 3 has allowed the league to be more exciting and stop games from getting to the boring shootout.


Elliotte Friedman on the latest 32 thoughts Podacast, talked about the BCHL changing their format to a ten minute 3 on 3 segment, the league has seen a massive change in the amount of shootouts so far this season.

Friedman on 32TP: "Someone reached out from the BCHL to me and they said that this year, they pointed out from this year, they went to 3-on-3 for 10 mins and the percentage of games gone to a shootout dropped from 41 to 14"

The Benefit of Having This Rule Change if Done Properly

Friedman continued to talk about this change and the benefit in the NHL.

Cont'd: "I actually think that might be the answer, is to go to 10 mins of 3-on-3... What you really see happening is you can't shorten the bench as much as you do in 5 mins, you have to go deeper into your group than you do in a 5 mins OT cause guys get tired"

Allowing fans to see more players perform in the 3 on 3 would make it more entertaining however there is some concerns that were brought to light on social media.

I wouldn't mind a 10min 3on3 but there would have to be a rule for regrouping or a shot clock of some kind. I don't want to watch a team skate back to their own zone and regroup for 7 and half minutes

Ensuring teams are not just time wasting would be essential to making this work. Extending the overtime frame would be something many fans have begged for since it came in to the NHL.