RUMOUR: Kane's Future Team and New Contract Leak

Published November 12, 2023 at 9:42 PM
Patrick Kane has been rumoured to be close to a deal, and a new rumour has surfaced that he has chosen his new team.

Patrick Kane Rumoured to Sign Two-Year Deal with the Buffalo Sabres

Patrick Kane is the most sought-after free agent that remains on the market. Despite his current injured status, Kane has been recovering nicely from hip surgery this offseason and is nearing his return to the NHL. His decision to wait to sign a contract was part due to rehabbing his injury, but also to give him a better view of the standings a month into the season.

Now, it appears Kane will be returning to his hometown of Buffalo to play for two years for the Sabres, according to a rumour online.


It's going to happen sometime this week. Patrick Kane will sign with the Buffalo Sabres; two year deal in the $3.5-$4M per season range.

A multi-year deal is something that has been reported before and is surprising given Kane's gradual drop in performance and his age. He is likely nearing the end of his career, so it also makes sense he would want to play for his hometown team.

I'll just address what I know. As I reported last week, I believe a two-year offer was put on the table.

A few numbers I heard ranged from $3-4 million but please don't run with that. Not confirmed just sharing.

No official decision has been made that I'm aware of but

Would a Multi-Year Kane Deal Hurt the Sabres in the Long-Term?

The Sabres are also an interesting choice as they aren't high on many people's Stanley Cup prediction lists. It is likely they could be a playoff team, however, signing Kane isn't going to give them the push they need to make a real run.

Patrick Kane will sign a two-year deal with Buffalo per @Ade780. Kane had a below-average season last year. However, he still should be capable to score at 0.7 PPG rate or something like that. But with that defense, yikes. Two-year contract is not ideal from Sabres' perspective.

Signing Kane will also come at the expense of at least one of the Sabres' prospects, and multiple-year deal would halt the NHL development longer than may be worth it.

Another reminder that a multi year deal for Patrick Kane will 100% block out a path for one of Buffalo's 1st round prospects who aren't that far from being NHL ready

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What's the plan with Benson, Savoie, Kulich, and Rosén?

We will await an official announcement from Kane's team to determine if he will be in Buffalo for the next two years.