Nick Foligno Drops the Gloves After a Massive Hit on Connor Bedard

Published November 12, 2023 at 3:19 PM
Connor Bedard is one of the league's brightest new stars. When he gets hit his teammates take that as a personal call-out. This was exactly the scenario that happened today.

Bedard Leveled During An Electric Game

Connor Bedard is having quite possibly the best game of his young NHL career. Through two periods Bedard has a pair of goals including a highlight reel goal after a takeaway.

Oh my, Connor Bedard. #Blackhawks


His outstanding performance was interrupted by a huge hit laid by Dmitry Kulikov on Bedard.

Bedard took a hard hit from Kulikov

This led to a major response from Blackhawks veteran forward Nick Foligno.

Foligno Drops The Gloves To Protect Bedard

After the massive hit, Blackhawks forward Nick Foligno immediately stepped in to protect his teammate.

Connor Bedard gets crushed by Dmitry Kulikov, and Nick Foligno was having absolutely none of it. #Blackhawks

Foligno shows that no one will be able to get away with trying to bully Bedard. This was not the first time in the game that Bedard had been hit hard though. Earlier in the game Panthers star Matthew Tkachuk got into a shoving match with Bedard as well.

Despite the many attempts by the Panthers to throw Connor Bedard off of his game, he is having the best game of his career. Maybe his play along with the response from Foligno will deter teams from trying this approach in the future.