Canadiens Doctor Confirms Carey Price's Future

Published November 9, 2023 at 7:30 PM
The last few years have been tough to watch for Canadiens fans. One of the toughest things to watch was Carey Price's fall from grace. Team doctor David Mulder addressed the media today and touched on the subject of Price's injury.

Canadiens Doctor Reveals Truth About Price's Injury

The team announced a surprise press conference today which essentially became a question and answer session with Dr. Mulder. One of the first things to come up was the injury that ended Carey Price's career. Luckily, Mulder was able to shed some light on the injury that ended his illustrious career.

"He had two injuries. He had an injury to the meniscus, which is the cartilage in the joint, and we sent him to New York. Dr. Marks operated on him, tidied up the meniscus, and during the operation he discovered that the important part of the femur, the bone in your leg had lost all its cartilage. About the size of a 50 cent piece, and so that was a complete surprise to us. That's what really has ended his career."



It seems then that there was not really anything the doctors could do at that point. Once you lose your cartilage in a particular area there is no getting it back. Dr. Mulder went on to address another hot topic in the hockey world, fighting.

NHL Doctor Says League Should Ban Fighting

Mulder took a firm stance against fights in the NHL as part of a larger discussion surrounding brain injuries and their long-term effect on players. His stance likely will not be popular with most NHL fans, particularly those who grew up in an era where fighting was much more prevalent than it is today.

"The whole league is aware of a concussion and how serious it can be and so I think we've made progress in that regard [but] we're not there yet. I would like to see fighting removed from the game or changed drastically. Do you know what the purpose of a fight is? Its to produce a concussion. Its to produce a brain injury."

The entire press conference is about an hour long. It is available on the Canadiens X page, viewable with the embedded tweet above. Mulder's discussions about Price and fighting are at the beginning if you would like to listen to the entire conversation yourself.

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