On Ice Brawl Causes Madness in the Stands as One Parent Scales the Boards

Published October 2, 2023 at 8:59 PM
In a viral video, a brawl that broke out during a hockey game caused a parent to go wild and even scale the boards.

Parent Acts Insane During On Ice Brawl

In what appears to be a minor or junior hockey game, a huge brawl broke out after a player laid a hit in the final seconds of the game. This insight a massive line brawl, where nearly every player on the ice pairs up and starts throwing fists.

The crazy part of the video isn't on the ice if you can believe it. It's when a parent goes mad and starts climbing the boards. It's hard to tell whether the parent is yelling at the players or cheering them on, but either way its unacceptable behaviour.


Take a look for yourself.

Just had this sent to me. Hockey parents need to figure it out.

This is embarrassing.

Fight Breaks Out in the Stands After Hockey Dad Climbs Boards

The other parents in the stands obviously thought the behaviour was erratic as well, as one parent confronted the man with a shove after he jumped off the boards. This causes its own small brawl to break out in the stands along the boards, with several dads getting involved.

This is but one instance in several where hockey parents act insane, and something clearly needs to change in the way hockey parents behave.

As seen on House of Hockey - "Hockey Game Devolves Into Chaos Following Hit, Hockey Dad Goes Mad"