BREAKING: Former NHLer Contract Terminated Due To Controversy

Published August 23, 2023 at 2:22 PM
A former NHLer is now left without a team after a team faced backlash for signing him.

Agostino's Contract Terminated

Skelleftea AIK of the Swedish SHL recently signed former NHLer Kenny Agostino to a deal that saw instant backlash.

Agostino was mainly a depth NHLer in his time in the NHL and did not face controversy till he left the NHL where he played in Russia for better wages despite their invasion of Ukraine.


There was backlash from many for this and when Skelleftea AIK signed him, they did not anticipate this much. They released a statement today.

Here is the translated statement from his former team.

"For Skelleftea AIK, the question of his attempt to end his contract with the Russian club before last season has been important. New information in the media and from other sources changes our position. We therefore choose to break the contract." General Manager Erik Forssell said.

Club director Asa Andersson went on to add, "We have had many contacts with partners, members, supporters and others with black and yellow hearts in recent days. People's love for and commitment to the club is the most important thing we have. We continue forward together and for the good of Skelleftea AIK."

It is unclear what will happen next for Agostino but one thing for certain is that his bridge with the SHL is now burned and he will have to look elsewhere to play professional hockey.

He last played in the NHL in 2020-21 with the Toronto Maple Leafs and has also played with the Bruins, Devils, Canadiens, Blues, and Flames.

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