Former Ottawa Senator Opens Up About Illegal Drug Purchase

Published August 21, 2023 at 7:40
After leaving the Ottawa Senators organization this summer, Viktor Lodin signed in Sweden. Unfortunately, his time there has been shaky.

Lodin's Shaky Start

Reports came out last week that the SHL (Swedish Hockey League) was investigating a player who had supposedly purchased illegal drugs.

Lodin stepped forward yesterday, revealing that he was the guilty player and that his organization is helping him battle addiction:


"I now hope to be able to look forward with positive feelings and that I can be a role model for other people who have gone through or are going through an addiction problem or for some other reason need a second chance and who take advantage of their new opportunity,"

The director of his club, IK Oskarshamn, shared the teams' side of the story:

"The events in question lie in Viktor's previous problems, which IK Oskarshamn knew about when recruiting Viktor. Viktor has undergone treatment and together with IK Oskarshamn has entered into a collaboration where we have a plan that will ensure that Viktor will continue to be healthy and work for a positive future both as a person and as a hockey player. Both Viktor and the club agree on which rules and values ​​apply in society and in IK Oskarshamn. Both parties are determined to live by these,"

Getting the Help He Needs

With the North American chapter of his career likely over, Lodin's main focus is to start fresh in his home country. Hopefully with the help of IK Oskarshamn he can recover from his addiction and have a long and sucessful career.

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