BREAKING: Insider Reveals Major Details of Cole Caufield's New Contract

Published June 4, 2023 at 8:39 PM
After a sophomore season where he was on pace for 46 goals, Cole Caufield is due for an extension in Montreal.

Long-Term Deal for Caufield

Following the trend of signing young players to long-term deals, it appears the Montreal Canadiens are edging closer to a seven or eight year deal with their star sniper.

Caufield, coming off a 26-goal season, is arguably the most electric Habs forward in two decades.


With this in mind, many expected Caufield to fetch over $8-million, but it appears the Canadiens have set an internal cap structure, with no forward earning more than captain Nick Suzuki's $7,875,000.

Per Tony Marinaro, we are just days away from a Caufield extension in the range of $60-million.

I stand by my report. A 7 or 8 year contract (for Caufield), an annual salary that will not exceed Suzuki's 7.85 million dollars per year. We are approaching the finish line! Stay tuned, it's coming!

With the salary cap expected to go up by several million in the coming years, this could truly turn out to be an absolute bargain.

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