Rangers Fans Accuse Patrick Kane of Lying Before His Trade

Published June 2, 2023 at 4:34 PM
If you remember back to the trade deadline, Patrick Kane made it very clear he only wanted to play for New York, which led the Rangers to pursue him quite heavily, pulling off crazy salary cap gymnastics to make him fit. With the recent news that Patrick Kane has undergone a hip resurfacing, and will miss an extended period of time, fans are starting to call out Kane and his agent for lying about his health.

Kane Accused of Lying About His Health

Fans are starting to speculate that Patrick Kane lied to the Rangers about his health prior to his trade in order to ensure that New York traded for him. This is all thanks to a statement made by his agent, which indicates that Kane was already hurt when New York Acquired him.


It seems like Kane and his agent already knew he was hurt and would need this procedure, but withheld that information from the Rangers in order to ensure they'd trade for him.

Rangers Could've Saved Assets

Had Kane been truthful about his injury to New York, they could've saved the assets they spent on him, and acquired a different, healthier forward. Instead, they were led on and acquired Kane, who wasn't at 100%.

The Rangers gave up a 2nd round pick and 4th round pick in this year's draft, which almost certainly would've gone a long way somewhere else.

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