Hockey Insider Reveals Stanley Cup Final Ticket Prices

Published June 1, 2023 at 3:23 PM
The 2023 Stanley Cup final between the Florida Panthers and the Vegas Golden Knights is just a few days away. The series commences on Saturday in Sin City, where the Golden Knights are the favorites and will have home-ice advantage.

The prices of the tickets for the cup final games have been released. It's worth noting that the Panthers, despite having a lower home attendance average compared to the Columbus Blue Jackets this season, will be hosting Games 3 and 4 of the series.

Panthers vs Golden Knights

The ticket prices have been disclosed by Matt Levy of the New York Post.


spoiler: They are quite expensive. During the regular season, with such low attendance, Panthers fans could easily snag tickets for around $20.

That's definitely not the case for Stanley Cup tickets, as Levy revealed:

Tickets Are Pricey!!

"The cheapest tickets available that we could find at the time of publication were $349 before fees on Vivid Seats for a game at Las Vegas's T-Mobile Arena.

Ticket prices start at $424 before fees at Sunrise, FL's FLA Live Arena.

Want to go to a game?"

Some seats in Florida can go up to more than $830, which sounds like a bargain compared to the potential cost of $1747 for the ultimate Game 7.


It's no secret that the Stanley Cup is a highly coveted prize, but the sad truth is that it's simply out of reach for most fans without significant financial resources. But games will no matter what they charge, it's the Stanley Cup so it will be sold-out.

Credit:Hockey Patrol