BREAKING: Friedman Makes Things Clear Regarding Kyle Dubas and the Pittsburgh Penguins

Published May 29, 2023 at 12:40
On the 32 Thoughts podcast NHL insider Elliotte Friedman cleared the air regarding Kyle Dubas and the potential job with Pittsburgh.

Friedman Makes Things Clear Regarding Kyle Dubas and the Penguins

Elliotte Friedman consistently releases trustworthy information regarding the future of the NHL. On the 32 Thoughts podcast that was released today, Friedman revealed what the Penguins are doing regarding Kyle Dubas.

«I think we're gonna know but there's certainly is a feeling that the organization is preparing as if Dubas is very very interested in the job.» - Friedman"


This all but confirms that the Penguins want Dubas as their next GM. It appears that it is now up to Dubas to sign with the Penguins if he decides to do so.

In addition to this, Friedman hinted at other potential candidates for the GM position.

"Well I've heard a couple of different names. I've heard Mathieu Darche. Some people told me not to count out Steve Greeley and on Sunday someone said that they heard it could be Jason Botterill."

These are all fantastic candidates for the GM position in Pittsburgh. If the Penguins deal with Dubas falls through, one of these three could be the next Penguins GM.

In addition to these three, Brad Treliving and Eric Tulsky will also be good candidates for the next Penguins GM if they decide to go another way.