Brad Marchand goes after reporter, Leafs Youtuber in latest rant; bashes Marner's skates

Published February 1, 2023 at 2:37 PM
Whatever's been going on with Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins for the last couple of days, I'm all here for it. Marchand, who rarely uses his social media accounts, has been firing off a bunch of Tweets since Monday, usually replies aimed at statements he doesn't like. On Wednesday afternoon, he decided to go after a reporter, as well as Toronto Maple Leafs Youtuber and superfan Steve 'Dangle' Glynn.

Jacob Stoller, a reporter with The Hockey News, put out a Tweet stating he had asked Marchand about an earlier tweet he directed at reporter Craig Morgan. Morgan had stated that Anaheim forward Trevor Zegras had not said anything about Troy Stecher's deceased father when Stecher seemed to get very upset during a game. Marchand told him to "shut his piehole"

"I asked Brad Marchand about this tweet after the morning skate at Scotiabank arena today," said Stoller. "What inclined him to tweet that? 'Ah, nothing. I read that tweet and that's what popped in my head so I said it.' Weird."

Marchand saw that tweet and decided to respond with a very sarcastic answer.


"I'm sorry you didn't like my answer Jacob, would you like me to say something different so you don't have something so stupid to hang your career on? Great reporting this am!!," replied Marchand.

That's when Steve Glynn decided to chime in.

"That make you feel big? TF is this? Relax," he told Marchand.

Marchand then responded with this beauty.


Marchand also went after Toronto Mitch Marner during an interview on Wednesday, although this one was more lighthearted. He was asked about who he likes chirping with when he plays the Maple Leafs. He mentioned Marner only likes to talk about video games and his dog.

"And those terrible new skates that he's got out," said Marchand while smiling.

He did add that he respects Marner's game.