Hockey - LNH April 6, 2020    •    2879 participants
Which scenario would you prefer if the NHL season restart?
End of regular season + playoffs
Immediately playoffs with 16 teams
Immediately playoffs with more teams
It's better to cancel the season
Hockey - LNH Coronavirus: Should the NHL cancel the 2019-2020 season, as well as the playoffs, in your opinion?
March 30, 2020    •    2343 participants
Hockey - LNH - Canadiens de Montreal Which Habs player deserves the most useful player title this season?
March 24, 2020    •    2482 participants
Hockey - LNH - Canadiens de Montreal Do you think that the return of Cole Caufield to the NCAA for a second season is the best decision for his progression?
March 20, 2020    •    1580 participants
Hockey - LNH With the spread of the coronavirus, do you believe in the return of the NHL this spring?
March 16, 2020    •    4305 participants
Hockey - LNH Due to the progression of the coronavirus, the NHL has made certain safety arrangements. Are you worried about the COVID-19 virus in your daily life?
March 10, 2020    •    7491 participants
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