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Build your team of 20 players just like a real NHL roster and make trades to improve your position. Not only you have to keep points in mind when you're selecting players, you also have to respect a salary cap that must not exceed $79 500 000.

Each participant has to choose a maximium of 20 players: 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards. no minimum of players.

Goalies : 3 points per win, 5 points per shutout and 2 points per assist
Defense : 3 points per goal et 2 points per assist
Forwards : 2 points per goal et 1 point per assist

No deadline.
Only the points made after the subscription will be calculated in your pool.
You have until October 3, 2018 (23h59) to modify your choices.
After October 4, 2018 (00h00), every fired player will be charge has a trade.

20 trades available during the season (1 fired player = 1 trade).
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