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Each participant receives 50 million (virtual) dollars to build their team when he/she registers. (note: this is not a salary cap competition.) With this money, the participant recruits nfl players for their team. The goal is to create a team that generates revenue based on the performance of each recruited player (see scoring) based on the actual performance of the players from the NFL. With earned revenues, you can invest in more profitable players. You will be able to fire and hire players from your team roster as you earn revenue throughout the season.

As the team's value increases, the participants may hire more players (up to the maximum allowed - see teams) throughout the season. Participants are able to dismiss (fire) players from their rosters in order to add new players. When the participant hires a new player, the participant can immediately begin to benefit from the performance of that new player. only achievements after the player's acquisition are added to the participant's earnings.

THe participant with the highest total value (total salary + team bank balance - trade fees) at the end of the NFL football playoffs will be declared the winner.
There is no minimum of players in a formation, but a maximum of 20 players divided as follows:
4 quarterbacks
6 runningbacks
10 wide reveivers
When the season starts, participants will receive money according to the performance of their players. The performances of the virtual players are based on the live performance of the real NFL players. The money earned is paid into the participant's bank every day during the update of the site. (2:00am each night)

Quarterbacks: $2500 per yard (passing or rushing), $150000 per touchdown (passing or rushing)
Runningback: $5000 per yard (passing or rushing), $250000 per touchdown (passing or rushing)
Wide receivers: $5000 per yard (passing or rushing), $250000 per touchdown (passing or rushing)
The ranking of participants is determined by the value of their team.
Team value = total wages + team bank balance - trade fees
BEFORE SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 (8:30 PM)
There is no limit on trading. no charge is imposed when hiring or dismissing of a player.

AFTER SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 (8:30 PM)
THere is no limit on trades during the season. when you terminate a player, that player's salary is returned to your bank and a transaction fee of $500,000 will be charged. No transaction fee is imposed when hiring a player.

Trades are only allowed on tuesday and wednesday.
It's not allowed to hire a player that you already fired from your team.
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